62 Items To Hide In An Altoids Survival Kit

The most comprehensive list for your Altoids Survival Kit is finally here. Hurry up and eat those mints, you have work to do.

Altoids Survival Kit 101:

It’s easy for even moms on the go to be prepared for the worst with the help of an Altoids Survival Kit that will fit in a purse or pocket.

Discounts on AmazonYou can mix and match the following items to suit your needs:

  1. Mini-Compass
  2. Small sewing kit
  3. Small fishing hook
  4. Soda tab to make a fishing hook
  5. Waterproof matches
  6. Cotton swabs
  7. Q-tips
  8. Advil and other pill-sized medication
  9. Magic relighting candle (good in the wind, store it in a straw)
  10. Cash
  11. Nails or Screws
  12. Cough drop
  13. Twist-tie
  14. Thumbtacks (pint sized protection)
  15. Seeds
  16. Small buttons (for apparel emergency or to survive)
  17. Mini USB Drive (useful to store personal or medical information)
  18. Candle Wick (doubles as rope or twine)
  19. Tea bags or coffee grinds (drinking or deconstructing)
  20. Tissues (great for your face and starting a fire)
  21. Space Pen (writes underwater, upside down and in extreme temperatures)
  22. A Cigarette (Smoke or deconstruct it)
  23. Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil (conducts energy and heat, seals and wraps)
  24. AA or AAA battery
  25. Pocket Knife
  26. Mints, Gum, Candy or Ginger Chews (great for blood sugar and sour stomaches)
  27. Spices or sugar packets
  28. Condom (hold water, tie something, even use the wrapper)
  29. Hair-ties
  30. Lighter
  31. Water purification tablets
  32. Keys
  33. Tealight candle
  34. Whistle
  35. The blade of an Xacto knife
  36. Small Gauge Wire or Paperclip
  37. 4 Safety Pins (think four corners of a tarp)
  38. Mini Tabasco Sauce
  39. Phone Charger/Sync Cable (you might get lucky with electricity)
  40. Rubber bands
  41. Neosporin
  42. Small Glowstick or Nite Ize SpotLit
  43. Photo of your loved ones (destresser or hey, use it for fire)
  44. Shark Tooth (cutting, puncturing and etching)
  45. A tiny map of the area
  46. Tweezers (remove those annoying splinters or make something delicately)
  47. Hairpins / Bobby Pins
  48. Toothpicks (Kindling, tooth-picking, self-defense)
  49. Bandaids
  50. LED MicroLight Keychain (magnetize it + hang it on a string = compass!)
  51. Mini Work Tool
  52. Alcohol Swab
  53. Small zip ties
  54. 1 large zip tie
  55. 55 yards of unscented dental floss
  56. Plastic produce bag, rolled into a straw (make-shift canteen)
  57. Duct tape rolled into itself
  58. Rubber square cut from bicycle tube
  59. Blank index card
  60. Collapsible Cup
  61. Pencil nib
  62. Widgy pry bar

Polish the top of the tin for signaling, getting it as mirror-like as possible. Seal your Altoids Survival Kit in a ziploc bag with all air compressed out. Complete your Altoids Survival Kit by wrapping hairties or rubber bands around the bag and tin. Now it is waterproof and sealed so it can’t accidentally open.

You can also use other tins, such as an Altoids Small tin or my personal favorite, Newman’s Own Organics tin.

Don’t need a full tin? No problem. Make your kit super-mini with a chapstick tube.

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Let us know what’s in your tin in the comments below!

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