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Backpack Lovin’: The Curse of the Purse

I was recently asked why I preferred a backback/bookbag versus a purse. The answer might surprise you.

I never really thought about why I gave up purses just as quick as I was excited enough to start toting them around in middle school.

Clearly, part of me wanted to fit in back then, but even the purses I chose were not so typical glamour and glitz; I always chose the “Tomboy” styles. Black on black, shoulder length, messenger bag style. Many of my early purses were dolled up with PETA and Hot Topic patches (secured with none other than obnoxiously ginormous safety pins, of course).

As I grew out of the “goth” phase, my purses continued to be abnormally large or just plain unique. (Try a one-of-a-kind handsewn in Nepal, for instance.)

All I wanted to be was different.

And different I am today.

100% Purse Free

Purses aren’t my thing. That’s it.

I hate toting them around. People switch them out like they do shoes… they have one in every color, for every holiday and for what seems to be like every day of the week. (And why yes, I do find shoe collecting quite ridiculous.)

Not only do I find this to be a cluttered lifestyle revolving around the acceptance of others, but purses can have their drawbacks too. (Yes, even the coolest ones.)

Drawbacks To Purses

The pressure from the single strap can cause all sorts of back and neck problems. What if that one strap breaks?

Most of the interior pockets don’t close so everything falls out into the main compartment. What a hassle.

You probably won’t find just one purse that suits all of your styles. You’ll need a red one, a green one, one with a polka dot pattern and heck, your Aunt Suzie said you’d look great with an expensive Coach bag, too.

Why Backpacks Are The Answer

Backpack FieldI like to be prepared for anything. Backpacks make the perfect Bug Out Bag. Most have hidden compartments and nifty features like flotation devices, reflective surfaces or rain covers.

They also distribute the weight more evenly on your body which helps prevent muscle soreness while promoting balance and good posture. (Obviously this is no longer an accurate statement if you pack your bookbag with bricks.)

Backpacks also don’t knock around on the side of you, constantly bumping into things and other people. Seriously, that’s annoying.

BONUS: They are also harder to steal if worn properly on your back. (Take that, purse snatchers!)

Recommended Backpacks

There are so many backpacks in the world that fulfill various and specific needs, but this list will get you a good head start on treating yourself to a better lifestyle, especially if you wear it correctly. According to the American Occupational Therapy Association, “The height of the backpack should extend from approximately 2 inches below the shoulder blades to waist level or slightly above the waist.”

You’ll even get compliments if you choose the right one, so choose wisely!

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Stacey Troilo
An avid equestrian, cyclist and mounted archer, Stacey is an experienced branding and social engagement consultant for small to mid-sized businesses. Her passion for homeopathy and emergency preparedness has been showcased around the web.