Breyer Old Timer "Gus"

Breyer Old Timer “Gus”

One of the most realistic models Breyer Reeves has ever introduced has been reborn!The Breyer Old Timer mold, originally sculpted by Chris Hess for Breyer Animal Creations in 1966, has long been one of my favorite molds since I began collecting Breyer horses.

One of the original vintage molds, it was reintroduced by Breyer in 1988 and has since been popping up sporatically ever since. One of the best (and rarest) model in the Breyer Old Timer conga is Gus.

Gus is a an online exclusive, available only to those who were members of the Vintage Collectors Club in 2012. (Check out the email that was sent to the list for pre-orders here!)

My Old Timer “Gus” was acquired through second-hand on ebay, paying about $20 more than the original Vintage Collectors Club pricetag.

My Thoughts On Breyer Old Timer “Gus” #712077

I opened “Gus” for the first time on Christmas Day, 2014 as a gift from my mom who knows me all to well.

The seller did an amazing job packaging him… almost to the point where I was getting aggravated going through the extra layers of bubble wrap.

She even wrapped his signature hat separately so it wouldn’t scratch Gus’ head during shipment.

Gus comes with an exclusive box from Breyer, which features all of the Breyer logos from throughout the years. (As a designer, I could stare at these logos for hours just imagining a time when such fonts were in style.)

He also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and is one of less than 500 made.

Old Timer Gus himself is quite the treat. He is glossy-coated, with the signature vintage-like blue ribbon on his hind quarters. He’s adorned by his black harness and blinders, and his detailed yellow hat.

Perhaps it is because of his contrapposto and tired demeanor that intrigues so much… it’s so unlike most of their other models, which portray the horse so majestically with ideal conformation and gait.

He looks tired an weary from all sides, the perfect stature of any working horse from the horse-drawn carriage era.

Old Timer Gus is exactly what I desired, thanks to Breyer.

Check out the current Old Timer models selling on Amazon!

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