Salmon Jerky Dog Treats by Carolina Prime

Carolina Prime Salmon Jerky Dog Treats

They’ve never swam in the ocean, or sailed the high seas, but my two pups Cori & Tobi go crazy for these!

Carolina Prime’s Salmon Jerky dog treats are a delicious treat that makes tails wag.

Carolina Prime Salmon JerkyThe bag itself can stand up on it’s own, and is peggable which is quite nice!

I expected the sticks to all be exactly the same width, as if they were rolled by machine, however many of them are thinner than others and this adds to the delight of never knowing how big of a jerky you are pulling out of the bag. The length of them, however, remains mostly the same.

(I can always tell how good a treat is by how fast my dogs run to me from the other side of the house, and bonus points if I don’t have to announce the fact that I am giving out treats at all!)

The Carolina Prime Salmon Jerky dog treats do smell like fresh salmon, but don’t have that over-fishy smell that lingers… thank goodness!

These Salmon Jerky dog treats are made from Atlantic Salmon, and are quite rich in Omega-3 oils, which are good for your pups cardiovascular and joint health. They are also wheat free and oven baked right here in the USA.

The Eight Paw Review Concludes:

6 Paws!
These treats get 6 out of 8 paws!

My dogs love them, and they are a great deal for the price. I especially enjoy the fact that I can snap them into different sizes and use them as training treats. I love that the bag seals! My biggest schtick is that they are harder to come by … we just want more! But don’t worry, I found them… get Carolina Pets Oven Baked Salmon Jerky Wheat Free Dog Treats on Amazon!

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