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Colgin Liquid Smoke

Go full throttle with smoke in a bottle! Amaze foodies with a mesmerizing smokey smell and flavor! 
It takes hours and hours to create that ever-so-delectable smokey flavor in your favorite recipes, or so we thought.

Turns out Colgin Liquid Smoke can create the same smokey flavor without the hours or relentless prep. Just a few drops of Colgin Liquid Smoke can make the difference between “Just OK” and “All hail the master griller!”

Liquid Smoke

Uses For Colgin Liquid Smoke

Colgin Liquid Smoke is the perfect secret ingredient for my Taco Soup recipe. It also makes a great addition to chicken or steak marinade, or bake your fish in it. I also recommend it for adding that fresh-from-the-campfire flavor to your baked beans.

My favorite smoke is Natural Hickory, though their Apple, Mesquite and Pecan are equally as amazing. (The Pecan is really hard to find in stores, but it does come in this brilliant Gift Pack!)

All flavors are vegan (containing no animal byproducts), Kosher and are gluten free. The Pecan and Mesquite flavors also contain no salt.

When I am in a jam, I add a few dabs of this liquid gold and the results are always astonishing.

Would I Buy Colgin Liquid Smoke Again?

Yes! Cooking and grilling are not my forte, but when I add this magic ingredient, people are always blown away at my dishes. (I still haven’t told everyone, so let’s just keep this a secret!) I especially love mixing the flavors together by adding a few drops of each for that truly one-of-a-kind flavor.

Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to the Assorted Pack for $16.39.

How do you use Colgin Liquid Smoke? Leave your comment below!

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