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How To Define Your Value

Are you considered irreplaceable to your family, friends and employer? If you feel that you can be replaced, you haven’t defined your value. It’s human nature to yearn to be needed. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs considers love and belonging as a crucial step to acceptance that has the power to trump safety and physiological needs in occurrences of extreme peer pressure.

To be accepted, you need to prove value. It’s a primal instinct, however it doesn’t come as easily for some.

What Happens When You Have No Value In The Workplace

Value Unhappy

Vince Vaughn’s character doesn’t feel valued.

When you feel that you constantly have to defend yourself to your boss, you have little to no value.

You’ll notice tasks that are normally assigned to you are being handed off to others.

People start to avoid you, and you’ll find that having even what used to be normal conversations are starting to become really awkward.

You may even catch wind of office chatter outlining how you might be the next one on the chopping block.

Define Your Value At Home:

Surprise your loved ones with thoughtful gestures. Great ways include getting home early to make dinner, waking up early to brew coffee, suggesting and setting up bonding experiences, and even offering your time to enjoy one of their favorite activities.

Also try to jump in on the not-so-fun household chores. Pay the bills, take out the trash, do the laundry or clean the dishes. This is especially priceless to those who are unable to complete these tasks.

Define Your Value At Work:

Go above and beyond for clients. Proactively call them to see if you can assist with anything that’s on their mind. Unexpectedly send them a discount, or suggestion on how to save money on their next purchase.

Make new coworkers feel comfortable in their new position. Assist them with their tasks, get to know them out of the office, offer to introduce them to your coworkers, and throw them a welcome party.

Surprise your boss. Take the initiative by arriving on time or early, hitting all of your goals, offering to order them lunch or grab them coffee, and even throwing him or her a genuine compliment throughout the day.

Valued Employees

Value Is Earned, But Often Overlooked

Most value is not simply inherited… it is earned with great honor. Unfortunately, there are times when you have done your due diligence to earn your value, and yet your good-hearted contributions continue to go unnoticed.

Be mindful to constantly pick up tasks that absolutely no one wants to deal with and do them with a smile and a pep in your step. Stay upbeat and focused on your intention. Good comes to those who wait.

If other’s have a truly hard time recognizing your value – remember that the only person you need to please is yourself!

There are countless ways to increase your value in all aspects of your life. How do you define your value?

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs



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