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The Eight Paw Review Rating System

Keep your pups safe by relying on the Eight Paw Review – tested and proven!

The Eight Paw Review provides pet parents around the globe with honest reviews of dog supplies, trips and treats.

Many things are taken into consideration when my pups and I review products and services:


Sourcing, product quality, price, availability, features, and safety.

Trips & Destinations:

Uniqueness, quality of customer service, dog-friendliness, cleanliness, affordability and ease of booking.


Sourcing and sustainability, usefulness of packaging, nutritional value, freshness, availability, smell, taste and texture.

All products and services can get anywhere from 1-8 paws (otherwise known as “stars”), with 1 being below average and 8 being completely satisfied.

Eight Paw Review Meanings In General:

Below average. Dogs show no interest. Leaves a lot to be desired for humans, too.

2 Paw
Subpar experience. Dogs are not really interested and there is lots of room for improvement.

3 Paw
Dogs are so-so. They think they are interested, but are easily tempted by something else.

4 Paw
Nothing amazing, but not poor either. Dogs show a bit of interest.

5 Paw
Dogs are interested and seeking more. Above average expectations.

6 Paw
Dogs show a lot of interest and the product or service has a lot of good going for it.

7 Paw
Pretty amazing for the most part. Dogs absolutely love it which is great for humans, too.

8 Paw
Unparalleled product or service on all levels. Highly recommended. A+


We try to focus on reviewing products that are organic, GMO-Free, ethically sourced, unbleached and all-natural. Do you know of a product that fits this description or of a service that you’d like to share? Click here to get my pups super excited!

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