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Exclusively Dog Harvest Blends Treats

Avoid the toxic treats and give your pup a delightfully healthy treat that is naturally delicious, too!

The Real Story

So you’re on vacation and your otherwise healthy diet has been put aside to make room for some not-so-healthy options like homemade Rocky Road ice cream.

It’s not long before your pups are staring you down with those oh-so-sad puppy eyes they know you just can’t resist. (Oh how they have mastered this perfect display!)

A slave to their affection, you go to give them a few licks when you notice a yellow package on the counter and (like magic) remember that chocolate can kill them.

Thankfully, you’ve brought a package of Exclusively Dog Harvest Blends in their favorite flavor, Peanut Butter N’ Banana!

Exclusively Dog Harvest Blends Are A Lifesaver

If I were to have given them a few licks, who would have known what could have happened during our vacation in Maryland. I’m just happy they were as excited for the Exclusively Dog Harvest Blends dog treats as they were for my Rocky Road ice cream!

Exclusively Dog Harvest Blends by Exclusively Pet, Inc come in 3 flavors:

Peanut Butter N’ Banana: The perfect combination of two long-time favorite flavors, each treat is shaped like a peanut with Peanut Flour and Dehydrated banana as the main ingredients. 15cal each.

Sweet Potato: Potato Flour and Dried Ground Sweet Potato are key ingredients for these little pie shapes of flavor. 14cal each.

Oatmeal N’ BlueberryOatmeal and natural flavor give this blueberry shaped treats a distinct taste! 6cal each.

General Feeding Guidelines (Dog Size)

Toy: 2-3 treats per day
Small/Medium: 3-5 treats per day
Large: 5-7 treats per day

*For Guaranteed Analysis and all ingredients, please see ExclusivelyPet.com

The Eight Paw Review Concludes:

Exclusively Dog Harvest Blends are rated 8 out of 8 paws!

Aside from beautiful and resealable packaging, the treats themselves are a good size for my 20 and 35 pound pups. They are soft, chewy treats that easily break apart that don’t crumble into a million tiny crumbs to step on later.

They are the perfect snack to enjoy after playing fetch and doggie-paddling in the ocean or just because. You can find them in many stores and online for just a few bucks!


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