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FOCO Thai Tea Drink

Fresher is better, but can that feel-good taste still come from a can?
As a passionate tea drinker, I search high and low for hot and iced teas I have yet to enjoy. Among one of my favorite types of iced tea is Thai Tea (Cha Yen), a black or Ceylon tea which is strongly brewed with evaporated milk, spices like star anise and tamarind, and food coloring. For extra taste, many authentic thai restaurants fill the top of the glass with coconut milk which adds to the taste and beautiful appearance. (However, even some restaurants cheat and use The Original Thai Iced Tea Mix  – one of the best thai tea mixes on the market.)

Better yet, you can also make it sweeter and vegan by replacing sweetened condensed milk with coconut cream!

FOCO Thai Tea DrinkI enjoy Thai iced tea’s on the days where regular tea doesn’t quite hit the spot. It’s also – you guessed it – the perfect compliment to freshly prepared thai cuisine. (I love pairing it with spicy thai curry dishes!)

However, when you are unable to treat yourself to authentic thai or make thai tea at home, Foco’s Thai Tea Drink is a delicious on-the-go alternative.

Foco’s Thai Tea Drink (Bebida De Té Tailandes) is a semi-sweet tea thickened with 31 grams of sugar and milk powder. The beverage will last you your entire meal, and only cost you 190 calories for all 11.8 fluid ounces. It it great straight out of the can, or poured over ice into your favorite glass.

FOCO Thai Drink Nutrition FactsI recommend Foco Thai Tea over other beverages due to the fact is is affordable, and easy to purchase. When I can’t find it at the World Market, I know I can always find it online and have it shipped straight to my doorstep.

What do you pair your Thai Tea with? Let us know by posting below!

P.S. Can you talk thai? I can’t talk Thai, but Jack can!

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