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Horchata – The Beloved Rice Drink

This mexican rice drink is so popular it has it’s own song! (It’s also freaking delicious and only takes 3 common ingredients!)

Thirsty? Grab a blender, a fine sieve, organic long grain white rice, water and organic cinnamon sticks… it’s time to make horchata!

Making Horchata Is Easy:

First, blend 3 cups of warm water with 1 cup of rice and two sticks of cinnamon. It’s best to pulse the blender for about 30 seconds or until the mixture is somewhat smooth. If your blender can’t break up the cinnamon sticks, try to break them yourself or buy this super useful Ninja blender.

Second, pour the mixture into a large mixing bowl, and let sit for at least three hours. This will give the water a chance to absorb the cinnamon and soften the rice.

After letting the mixture sit at room temperature, drain the mixture through the cheesecloth or fine sieve, into a pitcher or your mason jars.

Horchata In A Mason JarIf you want your horchata to be a little sweeter, stir in some organic sugar. If spice is nice, go for the gold with more ground cinnamon or a drop of vanilla!

I also like to add a dash of almond milk.

Horchata is best served cold, so I recommend letting it sit in the fridge before serving, or poured over ice in your favorite glass.

Garnish with a fresh cinnamon stick and voila – you’ll be the life of the party! (Or the couch… I’m not judging.)

Did you discover Horchata through these lyrics: “In December, drinking Horchata…” by Vampire Weekend? I sure did!

Let me know about your Horchata experiences – I’m always up for a great story!

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