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How To ReGrow Green Onions

Save money on this classic edible herb and enjoy it year round!


I only have so much of it, and I need to spend it wisely.

If you agree with me, or just really enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, I have great news: Most produce is able to be regrown at home indefinitely!

This post will help you regrow chives and green onions, but don’t be a stranger, feel free to check out my how-to guide on regrowing celery!

Steps To ReGrow Green Onions

I used the green onions for my dishes until about 2-3″ of leaves were left above the bulb. (The chives at this point start to get very thick so it is easy to tell when you’ve used up most of the plant.)

Keeping the green onions in their bunch, place all of the bulbs into a tall jar and fill with lukewarm water.

It is important that the jar be taller rather than wider as to keep the chives vertical so the roots can drink as much water as they need and the chives can grow upwards towards sunlight.

ReGrow Chives Growth Chart

The Conclusion of ReGrowing Green Onions

I found that the chives and green onions were incredibly thirsty, and that the water had to be refilled every 3-4 days. Besides watering them regularly, I’ve been able to enjoy trimming the herbs over and over again for delicious dishes and they have regrown themselves every time.

How do you enjoy your endless chives and green onions??


Stacey Troilo
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