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How To Spend More Time Outside

Relax and go outside today! We’ve put together a list of 100+ outdoor activities that anyone can enjoy.

Whether you have cabin fever or are just looking to spend more time outdoors in general, there are plenty of ways to ease your way into the great outdoors and most of them are FREE!

Here are the most popular things to do outside:

Outdoors LongFind Your Inner Peace

Enjoy reading on a hammock, on the beach or by the pool.
Credit yourself with a wildlife challenge.
Write a book or blog about being in nature.
Paint an outdoor landscape as you see it in real life.
Grow a garden and donate extra produce to the needy.
Watch the sunrise or sunset.
Feed the birds.
Watch the clouds laying on fresh grass.
Build a bat house.
Make wishes blowing on dandelions.
Make a terrarium to bring the outdoors inside.
See the sky through a telescope.
Fly a kite.
Go whale watching.
Kayak to an island.
Create an herbal apothecary.

Embrace Your Inner Warrior

Enroll in an outdoor spin class.
Take archery or shooting lessons at an outdoor range.
Sign up for horse riding lessons at your local stable.
Go orienteering or geo-caching.
Gather edible plants from the forest and make a salad.
Strike a yoga pose in the park and see how long you can hold it.
Make your own bow an arrows out of sticks, vines and feathers.
Camouflage yourself and watch the wildlife get closer than ever.
Practice your turkey call.
Climb a tree.
Get passionate with a new sport.
Walk barefoot.
Bathe in the forest.

Tickle Your Social Butterfly

Have a little fun with friends and go camping or hiking.
Try making S’mores by the fire and telling ghost stories.
Teach an outdoor skills class to a local Scouting troop.
Jump out of a plane with friends and make an awesome cover photo.
Go on an outdoor photography challenge with friends.
Take a trip to a flea market or a local garage sale.

Volunteer Your Time

Let your philanthropy shine by caring for the animals at a local shelter.
Organize or participate in a neighborhood cleanup.
Assist in a therapeutic riding class for the disabled.
Aid in maintaining hiking and bridle trails.
Help scrub off graffiti.
Get involved in local wildlife initiatives.
Visit an animal sanctuary or rehabilitation center.
Start a community garden.

Enjoy Time With Family

Learn to pitch a tent together.
Play at the park.
Roll or sled down hills.
Play catch, soccer, basketball or baseball.
Spend time at a dude ranch.
Go to a Drive-In movie theatre or host your own.
Throw a backyard party.
Enjoy a leisurely bike ride.
Go stargazing in the backyard or the top of a mountain.
Build a treehouse.
Visit the zoo or aquarium.
Play in the mud.
Wash your car by hand.
Enjoy a family picnic.
Walk the dog together.
Hatch and release butterflies.
Sing in the rain or the sprinkler.
Catch and release fireflies.
Revamp or maintain your yard.
Start a chicken coop.
Visit the local pick-your-own farm.
Go on a treasure hunt.
Play with remote control cars and planes.

Reorient Your Soul

Become a park ranger, environmental scientist, or wildlife photographer.
Peacefully protest companies that destroy the planet.
Play an instrument in the park where everyone can enjoy it.
Meditate in the wilderness as often as possible.

Do you have an idea that’s not listed? Share it below!


Stacey Troilo
An avid equestrian, cyclist and mounted archer, Stacey is an experienced branding and social engagement consultant for small to mid-sized businesses. Her passion for homeopathy and emergency preparedness has been showcased around the web.