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Much Love for Matcha Love

Just when you think Matcha can’t get any better… it does!

Matcha Love Size

Size compared with two clementines.

I’ll admit… the first reaction I had when I saw Matcha Love was, “OH MY GOD, HOW CUTE!”

(Those who know me know that I’m not a cutesy-wootsey girl, so when I say it, I mean it!)

Indeed, it is as delicious as it is cute.

I purchased my first “baby Matcha” (as my fiancé has dubbed it) at one of my favorite stores, World Market.

Sitting silently on the over-packed shelf next to organic ginger ale and Spicy Water, Matcha Love was begging me to reach out and carry it like a baby. (Yes, creeping people out seems to be normal for me.)

Much Love for Matcha Love

Matcha Love Nutritional DetailsI fell in love with Matcha Love when I paired it with my salad for lunch.

The light flavor hinted with a herbaceous grassiness makes Matcha Love easy to get addicted to.

And yes, it is green in color. (It is green tea, after all!)

Will It Make Me Fat?

No. The can is a teeny-tiny 155mL can with only 15g of sodium per serving.

The Unsweetened  is 0 calories, and for the sake of it, 0 of anything else, so feel free to drink all of their flavors without feeling guilty.

Oh, and let’s just take a second to appreciate Matcha with a few key facts:

Matcha is high in anti-oxidants, loaded with Catechin, EGCg, enhances relaxation, burns calories, detoxifies the body and fortifies the immune system, improves cholesterol, boosts your memory and the ability to focus, and even increases your energy and endurance naturally!

Heck, I’ll take that over a red-bull any day!

Would I Buy Matcha Love Again?

Uh, yes! I’m already a frequent flyer of Ito-En’s amazing products, so this is just another healthy addiction that I don’t mind having.

I love the fact that it is affordable and available for Prime on Amazon. The tiny cans are perfect to carry around with me when I read outside for lunch.

I’m even inspired to make my own matcha drink with Ito-En’s organic Stone Ground Green Tea Powder.

Oh and P.S. – the logo is super cute!


Stacey Troilo
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