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There’s no better upgrade for your pooches collar than a Spindrift Comfort Collar.

I am usually a huge fan of leather collars and leashes, however after using them for some time, I find that they grow mold and mildew fairly easily. They also show their wear and let’s be honest, it comes from another animal and that’s just not nice.

Upon a visit to the USA Dog Shop in NY, I stumbled across collars and leashes by Spindrift and after realizing how well they were built, had to bring them home to my pups.

Spindrift's Metal Clasp - Older Generation Collar

Spindrift’s Metal Clasp on an older Generation Collar

Spindrift’s Comfort Collar is designed and manufactured by outdoor enthusiasts using climbers grade stuffed tubular webbing for optimum function, strength, and durability. The smooth, tubular design helps prevent hair matting which was a huge seller for me, as my dogs have curly fur that tend to get caught easily. It would also work well for long haired dogs such as Samoyed’s and Golden Retrievers.

I did learn that the metal quick connect clasps on the collars I purchased are only on the older versions of the collar, however their new collars feature a very strong and rust-free, solidly-built plastic quick connect clasp. This is better as the collars are more easily washable.

The Spindrift Comfort Collar also comes in a wide variety of colors, including brown, granite, black, laurel, brick, blue, slate, and fuschia.

The Eight Paw Review Concludes:

7 Paw
These collars get 7 out of 8 paws!

No more fur getting caught in the collars, and no more obvious leather-wear. My pups are happy with their “jingles” and I am happy to have found such a great product. They loose a paw because I have an older generation collar and I can’t speak for the strength of the plastic clasp, however online reviews claim it is just as strong.

The Spindrift company makes other quality collars and leashes and I suggest you check them out here.

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