Starbucks Coffee Grounds For Your Garden

Rumor has it that coffee grounds make great soil amendments¬†for your garden. Whether you are a coffee drinker or not, no worries. Starbucks has you coffee’d covered!

Starbucks Coffee Grounds For Your Garden

Starbucks coffee grounds realization:

I was waiting for my over-priced Chai Tea Latte with Soymilk from the fake-happy Starbucks barista when I turned around and saw a sunflower in my face. It didn’t smell good since it was just a poster, but it had a good message.

“Ask your barista for the gift of grounds,” it said.

At that moment I snapped the picture to the right just before the barista called my name, causing me to forget to take advantage of my free grounds and walk out the door as usual. Next time, Starbucks!


If you’d like to see what the coffee grounds actually do for your garden, check out this Lab Report.


Stacey Troilo
An avid equestrian, cyclist and mounted archer, Stacey is an experienced branding and social engagement consultant for small to mid-sized businesses. Her passion for homeopathy and emergency preparedness has been showcased around the web.