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Suja Essentials Berry Nana Review

The classic blend of strawberry and banana has been reborn into a bpa free bottle ready for your drinking pleasure.

Dirty Essentials Berry NanaI originally found Suja Essentials Berry Nana in the chilled grocery section of my local Target next to the strawberries and bananas. (How fitting!)

What stood out to me most was the inviting shade of orangey pink color 100% juice, and the fact that it included one of my favorite ingredients – Camu Camu.

With the amino acids your body craves like Valine, Serine and Leucine, Camu Camu has 60 times more Vitamin C per serving than an orange plus Potassium, Gallic acid, and Ellagic acid. Camu powder is also known to reduce inflammation.

There were a few flavors on the shelf, but Berry Nana called my name.

What can go wrong with Strawberry Banana flavor? Turns out… nothing.

This drink is absolutely perfect!

I was a little worried about tasting the Camu powder (when I mix it into my tea or juice, it has a slight taste). However, you can’t taste anything unusual at all, and the strawberry and banana puree flavors are very clear to taste.

It has is slightly “chalky” texture but in no way does it taste like powder.

It will also separate if left untouched for a bit… this is natural. Just shake it up when you are ready to enjoy.

Would I Buy Suja Essentials Berry Nana Again?

I would! The fact that is full of my beloved organic Camu Camu is a huge thumbs up. It’s also very affordable (under $5 a bottle) and tastes great for kids and adults alike.

Suji Essentials Berry Nana Nutrition FactsI still can’t get over how good it is – with no preservatives and it’s gluten-free status, you start to wonder if it will taste decent… but I assure you, it tastes freaking fantastic. A+++ for sure!

My only negative comments are that I want more, and I can’t seem to source it online. The nutrition facts on the bottle are also incorrect, according to a recent comment by SujaJuice regarding an inconsistency of nutritional data:

“…the nutritional information on our website is what’s most up to date. You should see the labels reflecting these changes shortly as our formula shifted slightly – we source local ingredients and make each bottle to order so depending on what’s available so sometimes, things change a bit. The nutritional label on your bottle isn’t wrong – it’s just that the info on the website is the newest formula and you should see it in stores soon.”

Apparently my bottle is also incorrect. But alas, it’s delicious.

Tobi Loves Suja Essentials Berry Nana

Suja Essentials Berry Nana brings all the dogs to the yard…



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