DIY Ketchup: Crockpot Style

If you are like me, you need to have ketchup on your ketchup. You might have even been a ketchup bottle for Halloween. You’ve contemplated making your own, but thought you didn’t have the time. Well, if you have a crockpot, you have the time! Here’s how!

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Peeling Tomatoes With Fire

So you’re a pyromaniac. I get it.

The skin of a tomato is too thin to remove with knives and fancy gadgets, so I’m going to let you in on a dirty little secret. 

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Garden Fail 101

I’ve always wanted my own garden. Growing up in New Jersey, we’ve always had a bountiful tomato harvest to go with our mint and basil. Neither of my parents are “gardeners” by any means, but what we couldn’t grow, we always enjoyed from our local farmers market.

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