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The Incredible Catzenpup Pet Feeder

An inside look at the only pre-scheduled wet food opener for pets!

Garrett Wilson’s Catzenpup is a remarkable invention useful for any pet parent worried about their pets wet food habits.

Have you ever wanted to:

Sleep in? No problem!

Leave the house? No problem!

Surprise your pet? No problem!

Skip the pet-sitter? No problem!

With Catzenpup, you can rest assured that your best friend will enjoy fresh wet food with or without you at home and an unparalleled quality of life.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving:

The Catzenpup Automatic Wet Food Pet Feeder is a patent pending device unlike any feeder on the market that allows cat and small dog owners to feed their pet fresh, wet food when they are away from home.

This is incredibly valuable to pet parents worried about their pets dental hygiene when they must rely solely on dry food free feeding. Additionally, many pets have special dietary needs like gluten allergies, obesity concerns, diabetes, and elderly pets needing prescription nutritional care often requires pet sitters for around-the-clock watch.

Pet parents who value the health of their pets consider Catzenpup a godsend, saving them the heavy costs of pet-sitters and preventable vet bills.

Compatible Cat Food Brands:

Whiskas, Fancy Feast Appetizers, Meow Mix, Nature’s Recipe, Grreat Choice, Wellness, Authority, and more.

Compatible Dog Food Brands:

Cesar, Nature’s Recipe, Blue Buffalo, Authority, Bil Jac, Wellness, Grreat Choice,
and more. 

Keep It Simple:

Our pets are our pride and joy and should help us maintain a stress-free, healthy lifestyle. Catzenpup takes the stress out of feeding time for our little (and big) companions. Keeping your pet healthy and happy isn’t easy without Catzenpup keeping things on fresh and on schedule.

Getting started is easy. Simply insert the wet food container into the Catzenpup, engage the rolling lever, and set the Catzenpup’s timer. That’s it!

The wet food will be opened at the pre-set time, and getting ready for the next feeding is as simple as removing the empty wet food container and replacing it with a sealed container.

It’s so simple – it’s a no brainer, and it will surely leave both pet and pet parent ecstatic and stress-free.

Product Features:
  • Simple and Easy to Use Food Loading System
  • Catzenpup AppplicationAudio and Visual Feeding Time Pet Notifications
  • Easy to Use, Simple User Interface
  • iOS and Android app for updating feeding schedule and monitoring pets by wifi webcam
  • Two Feeding Modes:  Programmable Scheduled Times or Countdown Timer Options
  • Four Programmable Scheduled Feeding Times
  • Portable and Battery Powered
  • Additional Food Storage Compartment
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Available AC Cord Power Option (sold separately)

Garrett, CEO of Catzenpup

Garrett demonstrating Catzenpup at the SuperPetExpo in Edison, NJ, 2015

About The Inventor, Founder & CEO

Having been a pet parent to his cat Amber for 18 years, as well as growing up with four dogs, Garrett Wilson’s love of pets is part of who he is at his core. Garrett has a unique knowledge base of process, product, marketing, and management to launch this product beyond the working prototypes he built by hand to deliver for cat and dog owners everywhere.

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