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Tom’s of Maine Aluminum Free Deodorant

Chances are your armpits are full of aluminum. You’re OK with that? I’m not!

Perspiration. We are all guilty of it – but how can we make it go away without any repercussions?

In an attempt to rid myself of as many chemicals and unnecessary toxins as possible, I questioned my hygiene not long after I questioned my eating.

Turns out, I’ve been doing it all wrong for almost 20 years! My deodorant could have been silently killing me this entire time. (Who knew?!)

Why Aluminum Free?

Tom's of Maine Aluminum Free DeodorantMany experts theorize that aluminum is linked to Alzheimer’s and is a leading cause of breast cancer.

To play it safe and get back to basics, I began digging around online for the best natural deodorants. There are more aluminum chlorohydrate free options out there than I could even fathom, but I do know of one option that has worked for me: Tom’s of Maine Aluminum Free Deodorant

Tom’s of Maine Aluminum Free Deodorant’s have been keeping me smelling fresh and feeling great, and I am so glad I switched!

Originally, I was a little hesitant about using a deodorant stick after using a deodorant gel for so many years. I thought it was going to hurt streaking that along my skin but I was dead wrong!

A Scent For Everyone

If you’re used to smelling like fresh lavender on a sunshiney day, or like a kiss from an autumn rose, don’t worry – there is the perfect scent for you! Tom’s of Maine comes in too many scents to list so I will just name a few:

HoneySuckle Rose
Soothing Calendula (My favorite!)
Fresh Apricot
Refreshing Lemongrass
Mountain Spring
Maine Woodpsice
Deep Forest

Yes… for those plain Jane’s out there, they also sell unscented aluminum free deodorant.

The Conclusion

Oooh la la – I do smell quite nice even after a 6 mile hike! (At least my armpits do… it’s not the same story for my feet!)

I love this long lasting deodorant, and I love that I don’t have to dish out a small fortune to get it or feel guilty applying it to my body.

When I was shopping around for aluminum free deodorant, I found that Amazon had the best price for Tom’s of Maine products, followed by my local grocery store and then Whole Foods.

It smells good, works well and has no nasty or questionable ingredients – what’s not to love??


Stacey Troilo
An avid equestrian, cyclist and mounted archer, Stacey is an experienced branding and social engagement consultant for small to mid-sized businesses. Her passion for homeopathy and emergency preparedness has been showcased around the web.