The Truth About Amy’s Organic Soups

For the same price as over-processed soups, you can find soup options that not only taste great, but are good for your girth (and the earth), too!

One of the most important aspects of creating loyal supporters (besides constantly delivering) is variety, and Amy’s has outdone themselves! They have so many organic flavors to choose from including Lentil Vegetable, Chunky Tomato Bisque, and even Low Fat Vegetable Barley!

The Scoop on Amy’s Organic Soups:

Tuscan Bean & Rice: At 320 calories for the full can, this soup is hearty enough to feed two! On a scale of 1 (very much flavor) and 10 (extremely bland), I’d give this soup a 4. I kicked it up a notch with my favorite hot sauce, but this would be a good soup paired with fresh Pepato or Sharp cheese gratings.

French Country Vegetable: After trying the Tuscan Bean & Rice, I was expecting to have to add spices to give it a little “oomph”.  To my surprise, it had all the spices it needed! It was delicious and does not need anything added to it. (It’s even decent at room temperature!) One of my favorite of Amy’s Organic Soups.

Hearty Minestrone with Vegetables: Being a huge fan of Minestrone, I love my veggies when they are crisp and fresh. The veggies in this are softer than I hoped for, but are still delicious. It’s also a little more brothy than the picture on the can represents but this helps the ingredients marry each other. I added a little bit of fresh ground peppercorn and it had no problem warming my soul on a bitterly cold day. Enough to feed two!

I will be sure to add more flavor reviews as I enjoy them but from what I’ve experienced, you’re pretty safe no matter what flavor you try – they are all perfect! Please comment below with which flavors you’d like me to review for you!

Amy’s Organic Soups Are Cost-Efficient:

Each can was between $2.49 and $3.99, and they are even cheaper if you buy them in packs.

Would I Buy These Again?

Absolutely. I can actually pronounce all of the ingredients and my kosher friends can enjoy it, too. Amazon has the best deals, and it’s shipped right to your door!

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