Califia Unsweetened Almond Milk

The Truth About Califia Almond Milk

Oh sweet packaging… this is one sexy bottle! But it’s whats inside that counts… and it’s packing a punch!Unsweetened Califia Almond Milk
While on my spontaneous trip to my local foodmarket, I spotted an orphan of a bottle from across the aisle. Unlike others of it’s kin, it was curvy, and well-designed. “DRINK ME!” it implored. Selfishly, I took the bottle home.

The next morning, I made myself a cup of freshly ground coffee with my usual sugar in the raw packet. Now I normally use SoDelicious’s Unsweetened Coconut milk for my morning coffee, but today I had remembered about what the bottle said to me the night before. “DRINK ME!”

I poured in a little bit of (unsweetened) Califia Almond Milk top off my coffee and…

It was amazing!

I’ve had almond milk before in my coffee, in my recipes, and even on it’s own, but this was just so incredibly fresh. It’s got that creaminess we all desire, unlike “watery” coconut milk.

You’d think that something this delicious might be the end to your diet… but it’s only 40 calories per serving, and above all else, gluten, soy and lactose free!

I have not yet had the chance to use this in any recipes, however I am confident it will really boost the flavor of anything you use it in. Follow Beans Make Me Fart on facebook to get an update when I use it in a recipe!

Total Cost For Califia Almond Milk:

$3.99 – A dollar more than my usual unsweetened coconut milk but worth the splurge! Amazon has the best prices.

Would I Buy Unsweetened Califia Almond Milk Again?

Yes! Aside from being obsessed with the packaging, the product itself was delightful and I will make sure it ends up in my fridge again. And again. And again!

And for those who are looking for an Almond Milk that mimics that slight sweetness and consistency of milk, try their creamy Original.

I also look forward to enjoying their other flavors, including Toasted Coconut, Chocolate Coconut and Vanilla!

Suggestions for Use:

Straight up, mixed into your favorite organic granola (I recommend Gatherer’s Squirrel Bait), or mixed into your favorite cup of joe!

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