The Truth About Chimes Ginger Chews

Ginger this, ginger that… what’s up with ginger everything? Can there really be ginger candy?If you’ve ever taken up a friend and tried a “ginger chew,” you probably already know how addicting (and effective) these are.

I’ve seen Ginger Chews being sold everywhere from Trader Joe’s to HomeGoods.

The Ginger Chew Review:Chimes Orange Package

I’m not sure whether it was the eccentric packaging beckoning me, or my sweet tooth looking to satisfy it’s craving, but before I knew it I had given in and unwrapped an orange-flavored Chimes Ginger Chew and plopped it in my mouth.

They are all individually wrapped, which makes it easy to pocket a few and share with friends without covering them in┬ápocket lint or worse… HAIRBRUSH HAIR. (You know who you are!)

At first taste, it’s bland. Nothing. Nada. “A waste of money,” I smugly thought.

(For a BRIEF moment there I thought my fiance was right… that I was roped into a gimmick by clever packaging.)

But then, by the angels that don’t allow men to ever┬ábe right… FLAVOR!

The back of my tongue and the top of my throat were coated in a spicy little tingle of ginger. Mmm.

The orange flavor dulled down the ginger a bit, so it wasn’t so gingery that it hurt.

I couldn’t help but smile… they’re perfect!

Clearly the Chimes company knows they are addicting, so they put plenty in the bags. Good thing, too, because I have a bag in my car, a bag at my desk and plenty in all of my pockets.

They are also 4 ingredients: Cane Sugar, Choice Ginger, Orange Flavor and Tapioca Starch. There’s also no additives or preservatives.

Would I Buy Chimes Ginger Chews Again?

I forced my fiance to eat one, who was complaining of a stomach ache. (I had heard that ginger helps facilitates detoxification, stimulates enzyme growth and fights indigestion, but wasn’t sure if it was a wives tale or not.) Turns out, he felt better shortly after eating one, so we will definitely keep a stock of these on-hand at all times.

If you get the chance to purchase Chimes Ginger Chews, do yourself a favor and grab two bags. They are THAT GOOD.

Whats The Deal With Ginger?

Ginger has long been known to aid with matters of the digestive system as well as the sinuses.

Examples of it’s medicinal use include controlling morning sickness, menstrual cramps and hot flashes in women. It’s also used in dealing with nausea, vertigo and motion sickness. It will also assist with migraines and headaches, allergies and sinus difficulty, and even fight off symptoms of colds and the flue.

It’s also believed that implementing ginger into your daily routine will also enhance your immune system, promote blood circulation and ease inflammation and pain.

Ginger is pretty amazing.

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