Do Whisker Silencers Really Work?

Focus… aim… shoot… TWANG! Could my bow be any quieter, PLEASE?!

I have had this thought time and time again.

Drawing attention to myself is my furthest desire, as I work best in silence… especially when I am focusing my arrow on my target.

After numerous online searches on top leading archery forums, I decided my best option was to order Whisker Silencers.

Whisker Silencer On BowInstalling Whisker Silencers

Whisker Silencers are an incredibly simple concept.

Essentially, there are 4 corrugated strips of rubber (about 5″ long each) squared off at the ends. The rubber is a little thinner than the typical bicycle inner tube and is very stretchy.

To install the Whisker Silencers, you’ll need to source a pair of scissors and something to tie the rubber around the string. I used a thin, black hair-tie and cut it in half, using one half for each of the Whisker Silencers.


1. If you want round, ball-shaped Whisker Silencers, I suggest rounding off the squared edges of the rubber. You can cut one at a time, or all 4 at once if you’re up for a challenge. Two at a time worked best for me. (You can skip this step, but you’ll probably end up doing it later while trying to wrangle 40 spaghetti-thin rubber strands for a hair-cut!)

Left: Standard    Right: Trimmed

Left: Standard             Right: Trimmed

2. Place 2 rubber strips aside for later. Use the other two strips to sandwich the string about a hand’s length from the ends of the bow’s limb.

3. Tie the string tightly around the center of the rubber strips. Be sure that is completely secure, and will not move or become undone if the string vibrates. Cut off any excess string or tying material.

The Whisker Silencer Sandwhich

The Whisker Silencer Sandwich

4. Using your scissors, cut a few millimeters into the rubber strips grooves. I recommend cutting every 3rd or 4th groove. This will splay the rubber’s edge. (I found that cutting all the way to the string made the strands uneven as the scissors didn’t follow the grooves well.)

Splaying the Whisker Silencers

Splaying the Whisker Silencers

5. Using your hands, gently pull apart the rubber strands, turning those splayed edges into long, thin strips like spaghetti. (The corrugated rubber will keep your “tearing” perfectly straight.) Pull each strand all the way to your string. This side of your Whisker Silencer should now look like a crazy spider.

Whisker Silencer - One Side Complete

Whisker Silencer – One Side Complete

6. Repeat this process on the other end of the Whisker Silencer.

Completed Whisker Silencer

Completed Whisker Silencer

7. With all the strands completely pulled apart, your Whisker Silencer is ready. You can continue to shape it off or make the strands thinner if you desire.

8. Repeat this process on the second Whisker Silencer, which should be equally as far from the end of the bow’s opposite limb.

Do Whisker Silencers Make A Difference?

“The World’s Most Popular String Silencer Ever!” is a strong slogan for 4 pieces of rubber so I eagerly put it up to the test.

I found that the string still slapped against the limbs with a harsh sound, but the vibration had dulled greatly.

In this recording, the first blank draw is without Whisker Silencers installed. The second draw is with Whisker Silencers installed. Do you hear the difference?

Do I Recommend Whisker Silencers? 

As an additional unexpected bonus, the decrease in the vibration of the string keeps your hands and arms from feeling the tingling vibration as well. As such, I recommend young archers shoot with Whisker Silencers whenever possible.

Whether the silencers are implemented for silence or vibration-dullers, the average price of a pair of Whisker Silencers are under $3.00.

There’s really no reason not to give them a try, especially when you can set them up in 5 minutes flat!


Stacey Troilo
An avid equestrian, cyclist and mounted archer, Stacey is an experienced branding and social engagement consultant for small to mid-sized businesses. Her passion for homeopathy and emergency preparedness has been showcased around the web.