Blood Orange Chili by Wild Poppy

Wild Poppy’s Blood Orange Chili Drink

The drink that will hydrate you and leave you with a zing!

Don’t let the apothecary-styled packaging fool you… Wild Poppy‘s Blood Orange Chili beverage is anything but old fashioned.

This modern, creative twist on orange juice is a unique blend of organic blood orange juice and organic habanero pepper that your senses will learn to crave.

You’ll want to shake the bottle to wake up all of the flavors from their settling slumber before you twist off the cap.

If the grapefruity/orangey smell doesn’t prevent you from taking a sip, you’ll notice that as soon as the chilled beverage hits the back of your tongue, you’ll be met with that classic habanero zing that will dissolve itself in a few moments as the cool blood orange juice takes affect.

This beverage is especially amazing on a particularly hot summer’s day where juice is too thick and water just feels boring.

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Blood Orange Chili Nutrition Facts

Blood Orange Chili Bottle

Blood Orange Chili Bottle

This beverage contains 17% juice (not from concentrate) and is non carbonated with no artificial flavors, or preservatives.

The serving size is 10 fluid ounces with 110 calories per serving.


Water, Organic Blood Orange Juice, Organic Agave, Organic Habanero Peppers

Would I Buy Blood Orange Chili Again?

I love the way the bottles look in my fridge and it’s even more exciting knowing that the innocent orange liquid is hiding a spicy secret.

Wild Poppy’s Blood Orange Chili beverage is quite the treat, especially for those who love spicy foods or creative, yet refreshing blends.

If you want to stock up on the spicy goodness, you can simply purchase a 12 pack on Amazon, however I originally bought mine at Cost Plus World Market.

They also have so many other interesting flavors to choose from!


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